At the beginning of August, typhoon season began
but strangely, it’s now Indian summer in Japan

So what do Aussie’s do when it’s hot and dry?
Why, course we love to have barbies outside!

Corn on the barbie

The weather was perfect, just back from the beach
So lickety split, we got to organizing a feast!

Now, barbecuing was never a strength of mine
Me + an open flame = not fine

Grill game strong, even though the mo is gone

Luckily, boo (who is all American)
is a natural, when it comes to barbecue flame grillin’

Just to be clear, there was no “shrimp on the barbie”,
but some meat for boo, and heaps of veg on the hibachi

The meat and kimchi is not mine, but the rest was so good!

I handled the salad, and boo grilled the veg,
I made a grilled veg salad with balsamic vinaigrette!

Salad wraps!
Salad wraps – closer

Also the thing I was most excited for
was the fresh and delicious barbecued corn!

Goodness, gracious, great bowls of salad

After the beach, the barbie hit the spot
fresh and healthy food is good when it’s so crazy hot!


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