The Great Burger

Just so you can see how cray we are
We met up on Monday night right by that green train car

Being hungry AF, because Mondays are busy
Burgers were the go, being easy and greasy

It’s a sign (to get burgers) and (that they sold burgers)

The Great Burger is number 25!
(On Ren’s list of the best eateries in Tokyo alive)

It took a fair bit of wandering around, 
but turns out it’s right next to that doughnut place – Good Town!

The others all went with ginormous burgers, 
because with a name like that, what else would you order?

Blerena x blurry boys x burgers

They also got milkshakes, because – burgers
I was thinking a smoothie but they contained yoghurt

The blurry fry cooks gettin’ their fry on

I had a squiz and the menu looked delish!
All American eats but not the most veganish

Not to worry, I had a plan
(I am the hugest roast veggie salad fan)

Flatlay salad = heaven on a plate
All about the angles + Ren’s chips are in the background
Plate = Grilled such, tomato, red and yellow capsicum, couscous and some sort of bitter green – I’m gonna say Watercress?

Now, just so you know, I have an iPhone 5 – 
I got it pretty much right after I arrived

Babes be blurry

So it’s 4 years old and still kickin’
but the photo quality is not so bitchin’

The interior screams: MURICA

Not that, that’s an excuse for my blurry photos
I just thought it’d be smart for me to completely disclose

Vegan in the middle

Would I go there again? I reckon… hell yeah!
Hopefully next time, there’s more vegan friendly fare!



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