Cookie Time

I love summer, don’t get me wrong
But it’s too hot to have the oven on!

Dough show
Close dough

Luckily, finally it’s started to cool down
So it was time for a trip to cookie town!


These ones are coconut, pecan and chocolate chip
they’re crisp, decadent and wonderfully rich

Post=bake (and post bite)

Completely vegan (in case you were wondering)
I may have eaten heaps of the dough before baking

Who doesn’t want a box of cookies?
I thought these’d last a week

These ones don’t spread because there’s no butter
Instead I used coconut oil to moisten the batter

They’re filling but so good, they only made it a couple days

These aren’t cakey and they’re not overly crunchy
But they’re still great for (non-dairy) milk dunking!


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