Club Bread

The type of bread I like can be hard to come by
I love bread with heaps of grains like Sourdough or Rye

In Japan, bread is very white and fluffy
and so damn sweet, it’s kinda desserty

While I guess that’s nice once in a while
it’s not ma thang, ma jam or ma style

Not to mention all the horrid add ins
like dairy, eggs and even shortening!

So I set to making my own bread
with no nasties, and only goodness instead

I used this recipe off Minimalist Baker
but I changed it up cuz I’m a trouble maker

First proof before the grains

Instead of adding in millet and oats
I chucked in this mixed grain pack with 12 grains at most

Didn’t use a sharp enough knife to cut slits into it (whoops)!

You can find them easily in Japan
they’re for adding to rice to make it less bland

Fresh outta the oven! Burnt the top a bit (whoops again)

The bread proofed well and looked pretty good!
But it was dense and hell and hard as wood…

Dense – but good for toasting! Makes for tough yet tiny toast!

I don’t know if it was the oven,
But I’d rather it wasn’t that hard and toughened


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