The Crew

When I was 16, I could dance all night
and work retail all day super chipper and bright

Those all nighters wouldn’t phase me,
being young and carefree

I don’t drink alcohol and I’ve never had a hangover,
Dancing all night was never an issue, sober

But I always thought of myself as not needing so much sleep
It seems nowadays, I actually need heaps!

So The Crew and I decided to get together
for a well earnt dance, we were birds of a feather

You guys remember Serena and Ren?
the ones I had that planning meeting with back then?

Of course, you could never forget about Shio,
my gorgeous, Melbourne, foodie amigo

Bags away

We met up at 11 because to go clubbing in Japan,
You’ve gotta go all night, til trains start at 5am!

Pre-sweaty pretty picture

Weirdly clubs don’t start until 1
Crazy late, but still heaps of fun!

The question of where took ages to decide
We wanted “top of the pops” stuff to dance to all night

Also somewhere that wasn’t seedy,
which in the club world is a slim possibility

But hey, in the end we went with Muse
It’s free entry for chicks but $3500 for dudes!

1. Head got cut off 2. Where’s Serena? (there’s her hand) 3. Got us all in (even me and my square head!) 4. A picture of us taking a picture of you

Crazy I know, the sexism is palpable
It was still a sausage fest, but the music was danceable!

1. Right before Watch me Whip, Watch me Nae Nae came on (ma jam) 2. Serena’s down! 3. Ren’s down! 4. Serena realised and Ren’s still chipper AF
Swingin’ but we leavin’

We danced all night, then got Maccas in the morning
Then we schlepped home on the trains, all bleary eyed and yawning

The Petit Pancakes were soo tiny
Queuing- Shio = smiley, Serena = hungry and Ren = chipper
Pre-food – too lazy to move back and take a proper photo
Post food – everyone was happy (read: fed and watered) to lean in a smidge

It turned out to be a gorgeous, hot Sunday
but I was too sleepy to enjoy the first day that wasn’t grey

Oh well, it was worth it, because = dancing
and girls night with The Crew is always enchanting



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