As an educator, this is probably bad
but I’m saying extrinsic motivation can be rad

In Japan, kids are told not to stand out
There’s actually a proverb that this is about

“The nail that sticks up, will get hammered down”
Doesn’t that make you want to cringe and frown?

I mean in Australia we’ve got the same thing
It’s called “Tall Poppy Syndrome” and it’s hella mean

I don’t want to put them on the spot,
because being a teenager is already a lot

Teaching is a process. So is icing cupcakes

So I always ask my kids, “Any ideas?”
“Who wants to share? because I’m all ears!”

There’s no wrong answer, no negativity
just praise and positive reinforcement for any and all activity

These are peanut butter, with peanut butter icing and

Even things like, “I’m so hungry!” will get them a stamp
because they’re expressing themselves like a champ!

Cupcake diplomacy

Once they’ve filled up the stamp sheet, they get a prize
and it’s always a different flavoured, vegan, baking surprise!

You win!

As time goes on, voicing their thoughts and feelings is the norm
and the stamps are just a bonus that helped them transform

It begins as extrinsic motivation, but shapes their personality
they become conscientious human beings full of humanity 



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