Marley & Me

Our JET year rolls over in August,
It’s pretty much a farewelcome fest

At the giant events where we all get together,
it can be hard to talk in depth and whatever

But sometimes you do find kindred spirits
That share the same interests and boast the same merits

Gotta love Snow App

That’s definitely the case with this one
so let me introduce to you –  M Dragon 

M Dragon with 3 out of 5 courses

So wonderfully understanding about my Vegan-ness
She kindly enough decided to acquiesce

Coffee, Soup, Main then back to the app!

We hit up Ain Soph Soar in Ikebukuro
after some shopping where she bought zero

We luckily enough got the corner couch table!
and were hungry enough to order a set with the ‘fancy’ label

The fancy as couch table – because we’re so fancy

It was 3400 yen which is a bit exy,
but it was enough to fill even my belly

It started off with a salad parfait
I know – the pictures… What can I say?

Salad Parfait with a bunch of dipping sauces for the dipping bits (Vegan Bagna Cauda, herbed salt, and hummus) plus dressing for the bottom bits

Then it was time for a nice tomatoey soup
It was sublime and deliciously, veggie filled goop

Minestrone Souperoni 

Then there was the plate of mains with a bit of errthang
Seriously, it had a quiche, fake fried chicken, veggie raps (of course all vegan)

They came in little wicker baskets
Bit of errthang
close up of my tortilla wrap

Then there was the dessert plate!
Which – even though I was incredibly full (I STILL ATE)

Dessert was da bomb: vegan ice cream, vegan chocolate chip cake, soy whipped cream, blueberry compote, kiwi and banana coins and HALF A GRAPE (NOT JOKING)

Then of course, in true Japan fashion – we got purikura
because it’s the start of the M Dragon x Y Dragon era


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