Free to be

Since coming to Japan,
I’ve really come to understand

Your one job: Don’t let it rain

The nature of being an expat
is that relationships changeย at the drop of a hat

It’s good in a way, because you can meet newย souls
and in their own way, they play important roles

1. Ricky’s got my back ๐Ÿ˜› 2. Best dad ever 3. Caz 4. A little kid with a big heart (We call the roll and ask “How are you?” and this was her answer when I wasn’t there)

But it’s also sad, because people leave
It’s all for a reason, it’s important to believe

Warrior face – thanks Snow

We are now more than ever, so interconnected
So, there are fewer barriers and our ties stay protected

1. Mum reads lad bible (That’s hilarious in itself) 2.ย Dad – I can’t even.

The one thing to remember is we’re never alone
The ones who really love us are whom we call home


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