Radio Silence

Sorry for the lack of posts!
but my phone has died and become a ghost

It’s lasted a while and done me good
in four years it’s done all it possibly could

I got my iPhone 5 when I first got to Japan!
In August 2013, I started this 2 year plan

If you’re thinking of living in Japan
heed this friendly warning man!

Beware of all the main Japanese Telco’s
because all the hidden fees will not be disclosed!

Even if you’ve paid off your phone,
they take 10,000 yen for the road

plus 3000 yen to move your number 
so I just went and got one at the apple store 

If only phones in Japan didn’t have the shutter sound,
but it’s to keep the perves to ground… 

In any case, my bad fam
here’s to a resumed scheduling of your programme
with all my love from Artisan Candyland ❤


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