Canadian Thanksgiving

It’s that time of the year again,
When we’re hosted by Jess our lovely Canadian friend 

1. Masterchef and Master Canadian – Jess (plus Guamie) 2. Jess getting her whip on (the pies…)

This year it’s a bit changed up,
Bridge has gone back to England to be a grown up

But you remember Jess, Guamie, Becca and Hiro?
plus we’ve got some newbies yo

The boys

Of course this year I wouldn’t be eating the chook,
but I let myself off the vegan hook

1. Can almost see Becca through Daragh’s peace sign 2. – Becca’s face is gold

For the purposes of thanksgiving I’d gone vego
because in Japan, I’ve gotta go with the flow

I don’t even know

Jess was amazing, she roasted the chook
She’s the most wonderfully amazing, talented cook

The gravy, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie were also hers
If you’d tasted it, you’d become believers!

Hiro and Becca made potato salad!
and they made a vegan one just for my palate!

Guamie made this awesome pasta salad
But i don’t think i got a picture of it

Daragh brought some fancy baguettes
because what’s thanksgiving without bread?

Jess’ friend Wilson, whipped up some fruit
it had maple syrup and mochi, but was healthy too!

There was also a tonne of dessert afterwards,
Jess’ pumpkin pie plus a Costco Apple tart ermahgerd

The dessert table – pre whip

My grandpa gave me pumpkin from his garden
So i used it to whip up some pumpkin spice muffins!

The dessert table post whip
My dessert plate + frilly socks

Afterwards we knocked out some karaoke
We sang so much, until we were croaky

Happy Canadian Friendsgiving 🙂

Overall it was a baller thanksgiving,
These guys as friends is #winning


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