Ya’ll remember my mate Shio?
My babe from Melbourne, who lives real close?

M Dragon x Shio

She invited M dragon and I over on Friday night
and made vegan Indian from scratch! (that’s right!)

Now, she’s not vegan, and nor is M Dragon
but because she’s a gem, she’s so accomodatin’!

Hummus taste test

For nibblies she made hummus and vegetable sticks
So super baller and helped with my health kick

That hummus tho

I wanted to help but proved to be useless,
although with kitchen sizes in Japan, we all knew this

After the apps, she got started on Saag Paneer!
with tofu as a stand in for this vegan here

To accompany the Saag, she made VEGAN NAAN
OH MY GOD,it was olfactory and gustatory HEAVAAAAN

Naan for free
Dayum girl

Never to be outdone, she also made dessert!
Coconut chia pudding (lemon and chocolert!)

She paired the puddings with different types of tea
and obviously it was the Coconut/chocolate T2 for me!

Overall it was a gorgeous dinnah partay,
full of laughs, chats and was super gourmet!

Happy little Vegemites



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