A fair while ago, we went to Kagurazaka
just for the day to frolic and wander

Temple x Renton

I hadn’t written it up because my phone conked out
and I’ve just gotten round to getting the pics of iCloud!

Met these guys on our travels

It was kinda chilly that day, and well overcast
It was a surprise to find it was cooling down at last!

Randomly found a traditional puppet show performance thingy

Apparently this area is famous for French fare
so we considered looking for crepes there

This temple was fancy
If only it were that easy Kyrena!

But unfortunately I’m super allergic to buckwheat
so galettes are out, unless I felt like struggling to breathe

In the end we decided to just gallivant
and down an alleyway we stumbled upon a smoothie stand!

Das smoothie stand
My green smoothie – pre spill

As cool as the packaging was, they were all pre-made
and I spilt mine all over myself, to my dismay

Luckily, Ren being the grown up she is
had her shit together so it was mopped up in a whiz!

After our smoothies we were still really hungry
do you guys get that? where drinks are like nothing?

In our photo taking haze we went by three bakeries!
The smell was intoxicating but I didn’t get anything

The menu

After a while, we found this Italian place
Obvs I’m not gonna say no to PIZZA IN MY FACE

My vegan veggie pizza (picked off all the onion obis) 😛

Luckily and deliciously – mine was vegan!
The crust was crispy, chewy and light – absolute heaven!

The pizzas

Here’s a few snaps of Ren being fancy
because dayum – aint she?

fancy portrait x pizza portrait

Serena was in Korea that day,
Somehow we started a photo inception flurr-ay

They’re like inception they play with your brain

After that we found this concept store
it had a cafe and an atelier all on one floor!

It’s called “La Furniture” 😛

It was right around Waseda, I’m quite certain
that’s where all the good book stores be lurkin’

Clothes, cafe and snow globes!

Obvs our day wouldn’t be complete without Snapchattin’
I love to snapchat bomb everyone cuz’ the filters are bitchin’

ho filters – nailed it

The reason we actually came down this way,
was because Ren wanted to get this thing to make scones for a tea partay

We went to the giant bakery store,
and I was like dude just use a glass to score!

Sweets Forest

After that we went to Sweet’s Forest
I’ve heard tell of this place! It’s all desserts honest!

Couldn’t not get one of these things,
it was a parfait monstrosity, and absolutely delish


After that had a shitty ice cream sundae
look at it – defo not worth it aye.

Love this girl ❤

That was our day in a nutshell
Can’t help but love this beautiful bombshell!


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