Vegan Friendsgiving

Saturday at my place, we did vegan thanksgiving
I’m not American so let’s call it Friendsgiving

1. Pre-game squad style (I really did say “smile”!)
Daragh’s snack spread

I can always count on the squad to be ready to eat
with all the gusto of pro athletes

For the occasion there was a lot cookin’
All vegan – roast veg, chili and of course stuffin’

Jess made some cornbread,
and it so matched the spread

I also made vegan pumpkin mousse
but I forgot to snap it because I’m a goose

1. You can see the flames! 2. The remains of the coconut flakes ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
All the food all plated up
Post seconds
Post dessert

When I tried to make the crumble topping,
I set a fire, just as Becca and Hiro came knocking

Our thanksgiving snap on the WIDE instax
Going home/going out (stay tuned for part 2)

Hope y’all had a great time with friends and fam
Being with loved ones and eating heaps is defo ma jam! โค


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