December 1

I don’t think you guys quite yet know,
but mum was born 61 years ago!

Obvs she totes DOES NOT look her age
She’s at the top of the Asian Timebomb gauge! 😀

Selfie Queens 😀

Her birthday is on December First
So I thought I’d write a few commemorative words

#Skype #ThugLife (Dad’s face is priceless)

Mum is so unique, there’s no one like her
She’s outgoing, caring and strong like a wildfire

So much attitude 😛

She has no filter, and in her you can trust
that for anyone, she’ll always do what she must

Best expression ever 😛

I love her forever, she is why I am ME
I’d be nothing without her, and nor would our family

We are family

Happy Birthday Mum! Without you I’d be lost
I know you’ll always be there for us, no matter the cost

❤ Laughs & Love ❤

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