Both my parents have birthdays in December
It makes it super easy to remember!

I just thought I’d do this post,
about the person I cherish the most

Dad is Japanese – I think you know by now
but he’s unique and continues to wow

Many Japanese people are quiet and polite
well, I guess dad is similar in this right

1. Strawberry picking – i don’t know why i find this so hilarious. 2. VEGAN EATIN ๐Ÿ˜€ 3. When you find insta worthy food but don’t have insta nor a smart phone ๐Ÿ˜›

Many Japanese people don’t show emotion
and yes he’s stoic but I can see hisย devotion

Many Japanese people don’t like to hug or touch
but I’ve whittled him down, so now he hugs so much

All washed out

Saying “I love you” isn’t a thing in Japan
but he says it all the time because he’s that type ofย man

My dad is also vegan, he cares for the planet
He loves all living things which with us inhabit

All the vegan food at Alishan’s

Even when I was a kid, he wouldn’t kill spiders
he’d take them outside where they couldn’t hurt us

Yes he worked a lot when I was a kid,
andย he still works as much as he always did

But he always made sure to spend time with us kids
He went anywhere, everywhere and wherever we wished

I’m lucky because I can tell him everything
and if you asked, he’d say it’sย unendingย 

Even nowadays,ย just to make usย smile
He’ll do anything for us because that’s hisย style

#Snapchat #Selfie #KillinIt

He’s even got snapchat and whatsapp on his phone!
and replies to my stupid emails/memes and so on

So zen, so chill, best advice giver ever โค

Happy Birthday Dad! You’re the most wonderful being
Everyone who knows you is nodding and agreeing!



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