Eiffelcard ForSisters Inc.

I’m lucky to be surrounded by talented people
They’re creative, smart and have hard working ideals

The brains behind Eiffelcard Forsisters Inc.

One of these souls just launched a startup!
It’s so innovative, there’s nothing else like it!

The Launch!

It combines the intimacy of handwritten letters
but technology and simplicity make it better

Simply register your name and address,
and Eiffelcard will take care of the rest

There are over 500 designs of cards to choose from
You can send postcards, letters, invitations and so on!

Santa’s in on it too

Eiffelcard posts worldwide, don’t worry about stamps
it’s a flat 300 yen, so just fill in the blanks!

They’ll even remind you of birthdays and events
So you’ll never have to worry that you’re going to forget

Here’s a special registration code
So please, go forth and chuck in your post code!

Help Amnesty International through Eiffelcard!
Collaboration Station

There’s a special collaboration happening too!
Amnesty International Japan has teamed up with the Eiffelcard crew

Here are some photos from the launch party
The essence of Eiffelcard is style and simplicity

Eiffelcard fam
Friendeers ❤

The venue is a swanky hair salon by day
It’s called Maison De Noche – btw they slay

We also had dessert specially catered
Bad Brownies from the UK were express delivered

with flavours such as Ferrero Rocher, Peanut Butter and white chocolate – you’ll just have to taste them to believe them

Despite all the technology in this internet world
It’s easier than ever for relationships to unfurl

So get back to basics, with pen and paper
Eiffelcard will send them a stylin’ letter

A few of the many designs

You can post to anyone, absolutely anywhere,
So use Eiffelcard to show them you care

*Note: I have not received any gratuities for this post
It’s just because Eiffelcard is an idea more awesome than most!

*Note: It’s actually Eiffelcard, not Eiffel Card
Really, failing super hard

*Note: The parent company is called Forsisters, Inc.
That’s all the important deets I think!


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