Becca’s Birthday

The squad is back with another birthday
So far we’ve had Jess’ and Bridgey’s hey

We play hard πŸ˜› I won Old Maid and Bullsh*t.

On the weekend we celebrated Becca
Her and Hiro had us over for lasagne!

1 + 2 = Becca’s (Vegan πŸ™‚ ) lasagne. 3 + 4 = Daragh’s non vegan hoagies πŸ˜›
Guamie’s Vegan Quinoa Gyoza (If i could marry a food, it would be this)

We love to eat, you guys remember
from all the potlucks we’ve had together

The spread: Guamie’s Gyoza, Daragh’s Sangers, and Jess Made pork of some sort!
Aerial view: i heard the pork and dangers were great!
Dessert 4 square. 1 – I made purple sweet potato cupcakes with vegan chocolate coconut mousse. 2 – Macarons 3 – this berry layer cake thing 4. I CAN’T EXPLAIN IT BUT OH MY GOD – it was coffee flavoured mousse with citrus in the middle? HEAVENLY
Fancy desserts
So pretty

Becca and Hiro also moved house!
The place is absolutely grouse!


So many yummies were eaten that day
and with the best company so yay!

Present opening: NSFW πŸ˜›

Sadly Bridgey and Takuya weren’t there
But wherever they are, we know they care

The birthday girl! Do you remember that crown from Jess’ birthday at Shamaim? (Well it’s back!)

Whose birthday is next? I think it’s Guamie’s
because he was born in February

Polaroid Snap photos πŸ™‚ ❀ these guys

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