Hanoi Honey

I absolutely don’t know where to start
Vietnam just melted my heart

There’s so much to say and photos to post
and I don’t want an information overload

Therefore, I’m gonna post city by city,
and obviously food and that will be posted separately! πŸ˜›


We flew into Hanoi, it was our first stop,
We got in late, about 11 o’clock!

The bikes were everywhere, crossing the street was a nightmare!
Cyclos – a symbol of Vietnam, along with the many temples

We stayed at Nexy Hostel for the night,
then jetted off to Ho Chi Minh on an early flight

But for New Years we came back to Hanoi,
The food and culture was definitely on point!

Couldn’t not take a photo
A lively game of street chess

New Years was indescribably, absolutely cray,
there was a huge street partyΒ right next to the lake

One of the many rad DJ’s at the Heineken Street Party that sprawled the entire Old Quarter down to the lake
Us in the crowd at the countdown
Post countdown going from the car-free zone to the car/bike zone CRAZY

Everyone was there, and there were Vietnamese Popstars
Also fireworks but sans countdown for us

Loved the culture in the Old Quarter
There were shops and eateries around every corner

St Joseph’s Cathedral right before Christmas
Look at that giant bag of chips! Just look at it!
I loved the balloon vendors everywhere
Moveable markets
Somewhere in Old Quarter
One of the many souvenir shops.

I couldn’t get enough of it,
It’s definitely worth a visit!


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