Nha Trang Gang

After Ho Chi we went up north,
to Nha Trang – a beach resort

It wasn’t that nice a day, very overcast and hella windy – the swell was HUGE!
I’m pretty sure this is a fake maple leaf, but oh well it looks nice πŸ˜›
The view from our hotel
#Makeupfree us on the balcony before we hit the beach, but you can’t even see the view. 😦

We were only there for two nights and one day
the weather was fierce but we hit the beach anyway

Me ‘frolicking’ in the ocean – more like trying not to get swept out in the rips
Barefaced Beach Bums πŸ™‚

Didn’t really do much else
but it was good to unwind and hit the swell

Brekkie dranks (I had a coconut and Shio had pineapple juice)
Afternoon dranks – I had a questionable soy matcha latte and Shio had this raspberry thing
Brekkie that day! (We slept in and missed the complementary hotel breakfast :s )
Seeing as we didn’t get much sun, we posed in front of this “Welcome to Nha Trang” billboard to give the illusion of a sunny beach trip πŸ˜›

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