Hoi An

Hoi An is the place to go,
if you want bespoke or tailored clothes

The Japanese Bridge from afar
The Japanese Bridge

We didn’t know that before we went,
We just heard it would be time well spent

Temple Time
A closer look

So off we went, we took a local bus,
that would take an hour plus

Durian anyone?

Apparently it was 20,000 Dong
butย for foreigners that price was wrong

It ended up being 50,000
which wasn’t altogether surprising

The bus was rickety and hella fast,
but we met heaps of nice people so it was a blast

A couple of the people were these guys from Canada,
also backpacking around the country together

Hilariously enough they were exactly like Shio and I,
Matt and Cody mirrored us without reason or rhyme!

We spent seriously the whole day together,ย 
Wandering, eating, getting clothes made and measured

Matt and Cody getting clothes made

I got to put on my bargaining hat,
It gave me such a rush to be able to do that!

The alleys of Hoi An
The buildings of Hoi An
This teashop had an actual pouring teapot

Hoi An is definitely a beautiful town
There were lanterns and beautiful buildings all around

Another gorgeous fruit plate

There were so many things to eat and buy
Tourists were seriously every second guy

Xmas illuminations

Definitely worth a visit, if you’re in Vietnam
It’s welcome respite from the crazy city traffic jam!


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