Hue is full of historical artifacts,
Pagodas and temples on every track

Tomb 1
Tomb 2

The day we went it was piss pouring rain
for seriously the whole day

Went on a boat – didn’t sink – great success

We booked a private tour with a car and guide,
that picked us up and showed us all the sites

Us and Anh on Hai Van Pass
Us and Anh Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass

Everything was really spread out,
and our guide Anh was absolutely grouse

We hit up the Imperial City
absolutely gigantic and really pretty

Then we had lunch at this baller restaurant,
it had everything you could ever want

We had a set menu that they altered for vegos
But just look at this decorated peacock though 

After lunch I was walking to the car
and because it was rainy af I slipped and got mud all over

I also cracked the screen on my phone,
two months in and it’s already blown

After that we hit a few tombs, 
We also rode a riverboat and weren’t doomed

Tomb Windows
Tomb 3

I can’t remember the name of them
but they’re all resting places of Emperors in memoriam

Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass

We got back at 7pm, it was a hell of a day
the best 12 hours in Hue


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