Ha Long Bay

This was the last leg of our Vietnam trip
Definitely the most chill and relaxing part of it

Day view from the hotel room
Night view from the hotel room

We spent three days, and three nights here,
and everyday was calm, bright and clear

On the first day, we got there about two,
so we just had lunch and relaxed in the hotel room

Bai Chay – empty shop fronts

We stayed at the Ha Long Plaza hotel
It was only about $30 USD a night as well!

Hotel Decor

Ha Long Plaza is located in Bai Chay,
and it was 4 stars so it was pretty fly!

On the second day, we did a six hour cruise
to see the rock formations, caves and kayak in canoes

From the boat
From the boat

The view was breathtaking and it was so fun!
we met heaps of good people and two were Australian!

Lizzie and Kritika the aussies – pre kayak

We also made friends with two Japanese guys,
a Russian girl, a whole bunch of others, which was a nice surprise!

Daichi and Haruki the Jps

First we went around the caves,
and saw some rock formations coming out of the waves


After that, we went kayaking,
I felt so lucky that I didn’t fall in!

The Dragon boats (next to the kayaks)

Kayaking was beautiful, I wish I got photos
But luckily I wore bathers under my clothes!

After that it was lunch time, and lucky for Nastya, Kritika and I
they had a vego option for us on which to dine!

Lunch: rice, scrambled eggs, squid salad (not vego), tomatoey tofu, spring roll things (not vego), peanuts, pork (not vego), clam soup (not vego), cabbage. Surprisingly sautéed cabbage, peanuts and rice is da bomb!

After lunch we went to our last stop,
It was a tiny beach Island, which is called Titop!

Titop! – photobombed by our South African friend

I know what you’re thinking, isn’t that cute?
It gets cuter because in Russian it means “family” too

Titop Fam – Shio because she wanted to chill on the beach

It was a wonderful day, and the cruise back to shore, 
was calm and relaxing, we couldn’t ask for more

Cruising back

We docked about 4 and decided to meet up,
with our two new Aussie mates, Lizzie and Kritika

We had dinner together and had Italian,
and went to the one place in town that was open

Bullshit losers 😛

It was the backpackers hostel there in Bai Chay
But it was a bit dead, so we played cards that night!

The next day, we just decided to chill,
we were going to go to the beach, but the pool was brill!

It wasn’t heated, so it was a bit chilly,
it took me about an hour to get in fully!

Shio’s a boss, she just jumped in,
and that’s when we met the three Dutchmen!

The way we met is actually hilarious,
After he cannonballed in, we met Floris

Floris, Floris + Bert

Floris is a doctor and he was with his two friends
Bert and Dennis and they were all from the Netherlands!

Floris + Bert + Bert’s admirers
Bert, Dennis and Floris (keepin it kosher… hence the star) 😛

We decided to meet up with them later that night, 
because I mentioned that I wanted to dance (as I do err night)

We went back to that bar, and it was slightly less dead
then we went next door to dance instead

This bar was hilarious, there was no one around,
and all the furniture was themed like a woodland realm

We took over the DJ booth and danced til day break
to oldies, like Dre and newbies like Chainsmokers and Drake

One of the best things about Ha Long Plaza Hotel 
was the baller buffet brekkie (it had everything as well!)

My favourite part (FRUIT)
Breaky done vegan (dayum i miss passionfruit)

I wasn’t about to miss that on our last day,
I figured I could sleep on the plane anyway!

Vietnam was amazing, I’ll definitely go back
especially because I haven’t yet been to Dalat!

One of the best parts for sure, were the people we met
and Shio and I are closer than ever, which is absolutely the best ❤

We’d never travelled together, and it could’ve gone either way
but because she’s a STAR it was ALL YAY errday!!!!!

Stay tuned, because I haven’t posted the food!!!
That was for sure the next best thing dude!


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