Change Insane

In regards to the world, everything seems terrible
There’s war, political instability and the environment is in peril

The Shibuya Scramble crossing on a cold winter day

All of those things are definitely worth a whinge
but we mustn’t let the bad, on the good impinge

Japan’s winter obsession: Cabbage Flowers

Sorry to be a little bit more than cryptic
but everything has been super hectic!

Lavender Tea – Refreshing and delicious

Add to that, I got the flu,
Killing my momentum on stuff I’ve gotta do

I know there’s gonna be good times – Jamie xx

That being said, I have heaps of news!
Some good, some bad, depending on how it’s viewed

Firstly, at the end of last year, just before Vietnam
I decided not to recontract even though I love my school fam

Four years is long enough for me,
It felt like time, to make like a tree

I did go back and forth a little,
it wasn’t an easy decision, for real

Took this when I first got to Japan, the most swirly beautiful frozen puddle ever

But after the fact, I felt so relieved
because I feel, I’ve done all I could achieve

Then just randomly, I was browsing jobs
and found one that seemed like a gift from the Gods

Unfortunately, I was heaps unqualified,
but hell! I thought, so I just applied

Long story short, I got the job!
Well not quite… but kinda, sort of!

My business card: yay! 🙂 (Had to blank out the important stuff!)

So right after I got back from the holiday,
I was running around like a 4x100m relay

Unfortunately, that meant I had to quit Jet
An amazing experience that I’ll never forget

But they say life is what happens when you’re making other plans
I couldn’t quite let this opportunity slip through my hands

With my new gig in mind, I had to move to Tokyo!
because the idea of commuting two hours one way? (HELL NO)

There was an insane number of things I had to prepare
and the bureaucracy for that were a nightmare

It’s not quite over yet, but basically, it is… almost
But it’ll all be worth it, and I’ll chronicle it in blog posts!

Stay tuned! ❤ Yuko x

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