Minh Chay

Oh my God, I love this place
Actually everything!Β the vibe, people and taste!

The shop front outside the one near Nexy
The menu

The first one we went to was around the corner from Nexy
The decor was amazing and it wasn’t too exy!

The feels

The decor was on pointΒ and so was the vibe
It was like I had instantly, found my tribe!

Obviously being our first day in Hanoi,
We saw vegan pho and there was no other choice

Pho Real
Can’t believe it’s vegan!
Rice paper rolls on point

We also got some rice paper rolls,
they were kinda dry but still yummy for sho

Rice paper rolls!
Vietnamese Iced Coffee (Vegan)

For dranks we both got Vietnamese Iced Coffee
could you believe it was all vegan? (obviously!)

The staff were so wonderful and spoke great English,
even though I tried to practice Vietnamese-ish…

We actually went back to Minh Chay three times
twice to this joint and once more at a different franchise

Addicted to Minh Chay
Can’t find pics of Shio at the third one :s so here she is with my kebabs twice πŸ™‚

The next time we went back it was New Years Day
We wanted to start the year off in a healthy way

Kebabs, bbq sauce, fat chips, and baller salad (You can see the noodle rolls in the background)
Close up

The second time, I felt like more veg,
So I got a salad with chips and kebabs

I also got a passionfruit smoothie,
I said no sugar so it was tart and fruity!

We also got these noodle roll things
Delicious and hey had mushrooms in!

Shio got the pho againΒ 
She was on a bit of a noodle bend

The third time we went was on the last day,
where we went to anotherΒ Minh Chay

PIZZAAAAAH! – I may or may not have picked off all the olives and given them to Shio! πŸ˜›

I totally got the pizza (because vegan cheese)
and Shio got lasagne (again, because cheese)


Sadly we couldn’t try everything
It just means we’ll have to go again!



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