Healthy Farm

On Christmas eve we wandered around Saigon
with some hostel peeps that were super fun!

This place was recommended by Colby!
It was a helluva find, holy guacamole

healthy-farm-2The fridge! I can’t find the picture with the wall 😐As you walk in the door you’re greeted with a fridge
and all the veg, noodles and vegan proteins you could ever want or wish

They give you a basket and you pick and choose
What you want in your bowl of noodles!

healthy-farm-3My haulI got way too excited at this wall of produce,
and I probably got more than I should’ve – truth

healthy-farm-7Could’ve done without the soup…healthy-farm-5

healthy-farm-4The noodles were da bomb!But the noodles were baller and so was the company
and I got this sugarfree aloe era drink that was yummy

Overall, I’d go there again, it was awesome as hell
The food was amazing and the concept was swell!


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