Move and Groove

So with this new job, I had to move
It went well, but could be improved

Basically, as a kid,
We moved once and I didn’t remember it

Coming to Japan I just had my suitcases,
So I didn’t have much to fill those spaces

It had only been three years in Japan
but I’d managed to amass a tonne in that span

Won’t ever go through that door again

It was weird to be leaving my first apartment
But downsizing provided much needed catharsis

Taking down photos was a nightmare, and there were shelves and just stuff everywhere!

Shio helped heaps, and knew what to bring,
She was my voice of reason when I wanted to pack everything

I cut down heaps though, you’d be impressed
Even still, my apartment is a giant, hot mess

Brekkie on moving day – on top of the microwave with plastic cutlery

It was the worst, because at the time,
I had the flu, so I was not in my prime

On moving day, everything went smoothly
But let me tell you, it’s exy – moving

Shio even helped me unpack,Β 
and was even there for the gas guy to inspect

I made her dinner, in my new tiny kitchen
Cooking in this was a stealth mission!


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