Y Thao Garden

Remember when we went to Hue?
Shio and I did a tour for the day

Instead of shrimp I got fries πŸ˜›

Well part of the tour was lunch at this place,
It was called Y Thao Garden and was a traditional space

We had a set menu and they were really good,
because they catered for me, vego food!

Because we’re on holidays!

It was really fancy and I feel it was exy
but it was included in the tour, so I don’t know how hefty

First off here’s the menu, it looks really long
but the amount of food was quite spot on

First off came the spring rolls
and the presentation were decoration goals!

Hope you can see the hollowed out pineapple is LIT UP!

It was a peacock crafted out of food
A hollow pineapple, carved carrots and was on fire on the inside too!

When it came out I couldn’t help but exclaim,
“OH MY GOD!”, because it was so insane!

Sauces – wasn’t sure if they were vegan so didn’t try any

The spring rolls were so delicate and delicious
there were a trio of sauces for dipping that came with it

Next up was this vegetable soup,
After the peacock I was like meh, it’s nice too

Vegetable soup

Then came this special pancake,
that’s native to Hue but a vego take

The pancake

Following on, we had some lotus rice
it was so delicious, I could’ve eaten it twice!

Shio’s such a stunner
Me and my mung bean heart

After that, it was dessert time and randomly enough
There was a banana and this mung bean flower stuff

Delish – they have something similar in Thailand (the stems were just for decoration purposes)

It was absolutely delicious, but I think once was enough
Mainly because I reckon it was exy stuff!


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