Time Warp

Back when I first started on Jet,
I had an idea I thought would be the best

At this school, when the kids turn 20, 
they come back to school to have a big party

They always come back on the 11th of February,
It’s a public holiday so work isn’t necessary

So my idea was that we would bury a time capsule!
I thought it would be a fun learning example

Burying the time capsule 14/03/2014

It was a really small class and they were lovely
Quiet, studious and innocent like puppies

Back then

It was on White Day, three years ago in 2014
We buried it somewhere that wouldn’t be seen

We created a package with letters and that
and my JTE was smart, he put in desiccant packs 

Well Saturday was February 11,
First time back, since I changed professions

Unearthing the time capsule 11/02/17

I couldn’t recognize any of them!
But they changed so much so this always happens

Only half the class were there unfortunately
but it was still fun to unearth this three year old mystery

Even though it’d only been three years
I could tell from my writing I’ve grown and changed gears



It felt really good to see them all,
Happy, healthy and crazily tall!

Now – so grown up (and I’m still wearing dresses with unicorns on them)



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