Superfood Fair

So you guys remember I started a new job,
Now I’m working in the health and wellbeing hub

There are so many perks that I can’t even count
Work and fun, to me are now tantamount

Part of my job is to try new things,
in this case it’s superfoods, the stuff of aztec kings

Definitely a fan of the Camu Camu in capsule form. Couldn’t stop eating the Cacao Nibs and the Maqui Powder is so vibrant!

All of these products are organic and natural
They come in powders and even handy capsules

OMG love yacon syrup – it’s like caramel syrup. Β More chia for my puddings!

It’s hard to find this stuff in Japan,
but you can buy them on the Sembrador fam

As a vegan, I’ve gotta make sure I’m getting all my nutrients
plus vitamins and superfoods are a huge diet constituent

Thank you so much for my superfood set
This is where you can get this stuff at!


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