Farm to Table

I get my energy from those around me,
So I love when I meet people who are all about positivity

Right from the moment that I met the Prairie’s
We just clicked like magic was cast by fairies

Outside “We are the Farm” – after shoveling yums

Originally we met each other through work,
We feed off each other’s creative energy like fireworks!


So the other day we all went to dinner,
to celebrate the coming of a lovely visitor!

The restaurant was in Ebisu, and it’s farm to table
It’s called “We are the Farm” and it’s incredible!

Back: A trio of ice creams (tomato meh, pumpkin OMG, and kale OMG). Left: Kale cheesecake (interesting). Front: Pound cake with beetroot compote (OMG).

I had so much fun, I forgot to take food pics!
except of the dessert platter because it was the shiz!

Teeny gardening tools! I always want to eat with a teeny shovel now…

Plus, just look at this cutlery, isn’t it cute?
In keeping with the theme, they’re tiny gardening tools!

Overall, it was absolutely delicious
The staff are nice, and the food is wondrous!

I totes blend in!

I had the best time, crashing their family dinner
They are the human equivalent of glitter!


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