Bread Head

You already know that I absolutely love carbs,
But finding good bread in Japan is super hard

I’d say my fave is multigrain sourdough,
Well, really any dark seeded bread though

Bread here is soft, white and fluffy
It tastes like cake, it’s that sugary

I have made bread before, do you remember?
It was dense and hard because it was full rye flour!

Well I tried again and it got better!
It’s still wholemeal and multigrain but way fluffier!

It looks like real bread! (I know how stupid that sounds)

I’m glad it rose a little bit,
yeast is hard, but I’m getting better at using it!

On the inside – still looks legit!

I actually cheated, this was a focaccia recipe
But I put it in a loaf tin and it was super easy!

It was da bomb, eating it fresh outta the oven,Β 
with just coconut oil and jam, it was heaven

Avo toast – the best way to eat bread
See how fluffy it looks? πŸ™‚

After that I had it toasted for brekkie,
and damn it was good (I know it sounds cocky) πŸ˜›


6 thoughts on “Bread Head

    1. Omg Elle, thanks heaps you’re so sweet! I totally want to get better, I think when I can make sourdough, I’ve made it!

      Haha! It actually is I think!i I Used those 16 grain mixed sachet things that you’re supposed to put in rice that you can find in the supermarket in Japan! πŸ˜‹


      1. I love sourdough, but I’ve never dared to try making it myself! But I see, that’s such a good idea using the grain mix! I of course have used it plenty of times in rice, but that’s a genius idea to use it in bread haha XD

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