What I Do

So what do I do all day at work?
Is it the same or different, and what are the perks?

It’s a giant change from being a teacher
It’s hella rewarding and chock full of features

Sounds like I’m talking about a Corolla,
It’s completely off topic but I miss my Toyota.

Anyway, I still get up hella early,
I like to workout when I get up at 4.30

Then I shower and have brekkie
Then gotta get myself all pretty

JK, haha – then I jump on the train
I’ve got constant ideas on the brain

Then I get in and get creating away
I’m basically getting paid to have fun all day

My coworkers and bosses put so much trust in me,
and give me so much responsibility

It’s scary but also really comforting
that they trust me to know what I’m doing

Yuko fails: Needed D to help me fold a box (NO JOKE, that was some crazy origami shiz) + Tried to open milk and broke the ring off.

That’s not always the case, but I’m learning heaps
I get to do what I love and meet awesome peeps!

E + S my cool af superfood friends
Can you tell I love the Snow app? OMG E introduced me to Hoshi Imo! I’ve seen it in shops before but it looked weird so I never bought it but it’s dried sweet potatoes and it’s soooooo good, it’s like mochi but sweet potato. I’m currently obsessed with it.

I get to write, do media and help people
Everyday is amazing and incredible

Editing and creating videos! Well C is…. I help… and eat all his snacks. Mostly the snacks

Even though, I absolutely loved being a teacher,
I couldn’t ignore this dream any longer

Life is too short not to love what you do,
Challenge yourself, change starts with you!


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