Street Cred

I spend my weekends frolicking around Tokyo
Livin’ the thug life, YOLO

Haha jk, I wish I was that gangasta,
But I’m totally a gallivanter

Anyway, the other day,
I hung out with Ren, all Saturday

Queuing and love this gold door

She wanted to check out this American chain eatery
It’s in Aoyama and it’s called the Clinton Street Bakery

I had a sanger and salad monstrosity
Ren had chicken and waffles, it looked hella yummy

Ren’s yums

After that she got a milkshake, 
and I got a peanut butter chocolate mousse cake

Look at the size of this sanger
plus salad (hate gherkins…well all pickles)
whoops cheese
This cake was amazeballs
the bottom was ganache!

I don’t believe it was vegan, but was vego
Sometimes you’ve gotta just go with the flow

We wore almost matching shoes (coincidence)

After all the marathon eating,
we made like gangsta’s and went strutting (just kidding)


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