A Bridget Visit

Bridget decided to come and stay,
All the way to Japan from the UK

It was really lovely to see her,
Although her trip was a whirlwind blur

First I crashed her and Takuya’s date
I was their third wheeling vegan mate

We went to this cool American themed diner,
but sat in the “Mexican” inspired section kinda

Bridget got this Japanese curry thing
Takuya had a burger craving

Top left – Bridge, top right – Takuya, bottom – me
my quinoavo salad

I had this quinoa avocado salad
I didn’t know but it had feta added

It was delicious don’t get me wrong
but, in a vegan diet, it didn’t belong

Still though it was super fun,
and we walked Takuya’s dog, Mich for fun

Bridge & Mich

A week later, Bridget was leaving
we went to Moja in the house near the Shibuya crossing

I just had a ginger soy latte,
but this place is famous for chicken and waffles they say

My ginger soy latte (OBSESSED)

The ginger soy latte, was absolutely AMAZING
I’m going to try and recreate it from a memory tasting

Thanks to Alex, we have this selfie,
Just outside Shibuya station cuz we’re carefree

Couldn’t get the Gangar

After that, Ren, Serena and I
went to get purikura without reason why

bridget visit 1
Alex’s selfie

It’s sad to see her leave and that,
but I know asap, that she’ll be back



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