Seed Cafe

I’m back to the Vietnam restaurant posts
because I realised I hadn’t done most!

We went to this cafe on Christmas Day
We found it wandering after lunch at Minh Chay

What happened was, I wanted to get a haircut
“New Year, New Do” and all of that stuff

Well, also I hadn’t had a trim in ages,
It was looking super ratty at the edges

This cafe had a super cool atmosphere and feel,
the drink and cake selection had heaps of appeal

Top: Shio’s Coffee, Right: my coconut coffee, Left: Chocolate cheesecake!
This cake was soooo rich!
Such pretty aesthetics 

I got this coconut frappacino thing
and Shio got a Vietnamese Coffee 

We shared this Chocolate cheesecake 
It was decadent as could be, for desserts sake

Shio is my instagram husband,
She has a patience level of a hundred

Seed cafe 1
Suffice to say, I’m not model material 😛

Here’s some shots she took of me,
being all aloof and goofy

Seed cafe 2

Then we took some pics with snow
Gotta get selfies right? For sho


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