Mel > Tokyo

One of my best friends ever,
I met her in my first politics lecture

It’s strange that we get along so well,
because we’re different as heaven and hell

We bonded because we’re both asian
but definitely not in our mannerisms

Mel is super duper laid back
fun, smart and super relaxed 

I on the other hand, am so neurotic
I worry, get too excited and euphoric

Anyway, the point of this post,
is to talk about her trip to Tokyo

Her and her boyfriend Joseph
came to visit and we made the most of it

They were only in town for a couple days
so after work we went for Japanaaaays

The first night we had udon,  in giant, monstrous noodle bowls The second night, we went to T’s Tan Tan A vegan ramen place in Tokyo Station


Suffice to say it was super fun,
our double date at T’s Tan Tan

I hadn’t had ramen in about 5 years,
It was definitely a new vegan frontier

Tasted like legit tonkotsu ramen
I’d definitely go back again

Even though Mel and I are long standing BFF’s
We don’t talk much but when we meet, its like we never left

Can’t wait to see her again,
But I don’t know where that’ll be or when


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