Michelin Star

Part and parcel of being a healthy eater,
also working as a content manager,Β 

Is going and trying the best of the best,
so I can tell others what passed the test

The other day we all went to Keisuke Matsushima
Dressed up and pretty we walked to Shibuya

Keisuke Matsushima has a Michelin star
Twice decorated both here and far

The menu wasn’t actually vegan, but lucky for me the chef made an acception!
First came the appetiser, they were chips! made from chickpeas they were fluffy and crisp

After that we had soup in shot glasses,
mine was green pea, very summer inspired

Next we had the salad course,Β 
It was their signature Ratatouille with pesto sauce

Then came the mains, and the guys had meat that’s what we went for, so they could try it Chef Hijikuro crafted something special, A risotto, with asparagus, peas and spelt

There’s nothing like it, the taste was superb
and so were all the different textures

Then came the best part, it was dessert time!
The sorbet with a berry salad was absolutely sublime

The next part was an absolute surprise,Β 
A second dessert graced my eyes!

This one was a basil and pineapple sorbet
on diced pineapple with a coconut reduction (slay)

That’s how you get Michelin Starred Vegan
I can’t wait to go back there again!


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