All About Alex

You know when you meet someone truly remarkable,
That person whose presence makes you feel unstoppable?

Right before I met this person,
I was feeling really lost and uncertain

I told my mum I’d forever be a spinster,
But I’m not a cat person so it’d be a disaster

She did the mum thing and said I’d be fine,
That I would meet someone special at just the right time

I didn’t believe her but then true to form,
It seemed like Alex just magically walked through the door

As an expat, you understand, people come and go,
But the ones that matter will be there for you though

I told him to meet at a certain place,
But I ended up making orienteering mistakes!

So even though it seemed like he was late,
I was just waiting at the wrong place!

We went out to a place of my choosing,
That was vegan friendly and amusing

It was called The Pink Cow and it served Mexican food
It was a bar and I’d say, more American

The vegan burrito – spicy as hell yo!

As I do, I just talked constantly,Β 
and as a result I ate really slowly,

Let me just tell you, Alex is very different to me,
Unless you know him well, he’s hard to read

But still, I thought I was boring him,
But he said he was “just having fun listening”,

Then the night came to a close,
not after I had both of our desserts though,

Some sort of blondie
The vegan version

He said he knew this was going to be fun,
Because I was shit stirring the bartender a tonne

So that was the story of how we first met,
From now on you’ll be hearing more about Alex!

(By the way, this is all backdated,
But definitely, long awaited)!


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