Living in Melbourne, you need a car,
The city is spread out and extends quite far

Tokyo’s public transport is so efficient,
Everything is connected, it’s quite brilliant

So since I’ve been here, I’ve rarely driven,
And never since I’ve been city livin’

Every time I’ve been out with Alex,
has been memorable and fantastic

This was the second time we saw each other
Second time that week, as well as ever

He was going to sell his car,
So to have a fab date and one last hurrah

We went down towards Yokohama,
That is called Tatsumi Parking Area

It was actually the inspiration for Fast and the Furious,
So many souped up cars are lined up there, I’m serious!

It doesn’t start until really late,
So around midnight we got on the highway

We drove down there and listened to Triple J,
I don’t know how he got it from that far away

Nights With You by MØ was on,
I think of that moment when I hear that song

All the cars were really unique,
The customization was on fleek

What you do is walk around and observe,
Check out the specs and have a perve

Everyone was walking by
The Tesla can’t help but catch your eye

You beauty

It’s a masterpiece of engineering,
Plus its got that hands-free steering!

The cars there were no doubt exy
but they were there to be shown off directly

Lucky for me, Alex knew how to impress
After a couple rounds to see the rest

He popped the boot and out flipped seats,
Then he whipped out vegan cakes to eat!

Champagne flutes full of grape juice πŸ˜‰

It didn’t stop there, he brought crystal flutes
And filled them with organic grape juice!

We were watching the car enthusiasts walk by,Β 
Sipping grape juice under the starry sky

Then suddenly, I heard it play
All Aussies know it straight away

You’re the Voice by John Farnham suddenly came on
That’s when and how it became our song!

Writing this brought back all the memories,
That was date two in the Alex stories


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