Sam Baby

All the way back in 2013,
I met Sam baby at Tullamarine

We were at the airport, leaving for JET,
and that’s where Sam and I originally met

We got on the plane and I traded seats,
Twice, we watched the Beyonce documentary

Then after orientation, he went to Kochi,
But now and then he came to visit me

After a year, he went back home,
But this past Wednesday he dropped by Tokyo!

We all decided to do the Japanese thing,
Went to an Izakaya and ate everything

After that we went to Karaoke,
and we sang til we were super croaky

True to form, we had to get maccas after,
The lads tried that Chelsea limited edish flavour

Maccas wasn’t the end of the night,
Beers + bean bags and the bright city lights

It was a short trip, but a baller one
Sam is always heaps of fun!


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