Autumn Leaves

Ask any Japanese person,
they’ll tell you something really certain

That in Japan, there are four seasons,
and it’s unique for so many reasons

First there’s the food,ย 
Which I’ll admit is really good

But then there’s all the natural beauty
and plants that are unique to Japan absolutely

For example, the flower – Kinmokusei,
It has the most amazing smell I have to say,

It doesn’t look like anything special,
But the scent is unforgettable

The English name is Osmanthus Fragrans
In Autumn, I look for it at every chance

Then there’s the changing leaves
Which in Japan, people travel far away to see!

The colours are really beautiful,
especially the Japanese Maple

I saw this Gingko Biloba tree,
it looked like it was glowing to me.

The changing leaves are really quite fleeting
but it’s definitely something worth seeing




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