2018 = Brand New Me

Last year was hectic to say the least,
Things changed, went up and decreased

I think this year is all about new beginnings,
Being a grown up and finally winning

So here’s my recap of a year well spent,
But don’t worry, I’ll also bitch, moan and vent

1. I like to eat chocolate and sweets,
They may not be vegan but I need the treats

2. If something isn’t making you happy you need to change it
Even if it’s uncomfortable and hard, just admit it

3. Nothing matters more than your loved ones,
Family, friends and your special someone’s

4. Just do what makes you happy, and it will all work out
Never just remain unhappy and continue to pout

5. I’ve grown up more than I can imagine in the last year,
I better understand what I need, what I want and what I fear

Here’s to 2018, I hope it’s awesome for you too!
Now I’m off to sandwich school because that’s what I want to do!


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