A Rhyme For My Valentine

I have been told, repeatedly,
That my posts don’t rhyme consistently

I know it’s coming from a place of love,
Constructive criticism in a gentle shove

To the only person who ever reads these posts,
And who, since last May has been there for me the most

I want to tell you that which you already know,
That I really liked watching “Best in Show”

You made me watch that film, and it was funny,
It was a nice way to break up all that UFC

Just kidding, that wasn’t what I wanted to say,
But rather, that I love you more and more each day

Which seems to be an impossible feat,Β 
Because I love you more than chocolatey treats

I love you more than Harry Potter,
And going to the beach when it gets hotter

I love you more than dog videos on Instagram,
And our daily back and forth of memes and article spam

I love you because you make everything fun,
Even that which is boring, mundane or dumb

I love you because you’re sharp as a tack,
Not only that, but you always talk back

I love you because you’re incredibly stubborn,
Other than that we have nothing in common

Just kidding, because opposites attract,
We do have a couple of things in common in fact

I love you more because you just get me,
You laugh when I get all weird and silly

You comfort me when I’m really moody,
And get me food even if it’s 11.30

You support my dreams and grant all my wishes,
Which usually consist of the same few dishes

I love you because you recite me bush poetry,
And make an effort to surprise me sporadically

You’re always patient and you always stay calm
You’re the best in a crisis or when I’m alarmed

I love you because I can tell you anything,
Even if there is no point, no reason , nor meaning

I love you because you notice the little things,
It is part of what makes you so amazing

I love you because you’re caring and kind
I love you forever, my funny Valentine


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