About Artisan Candyland

I’m a third culture kid frolicking the far east
A fancy free bumble bee baking vegan sweets
Born in Melbourne, half Thai and half Japanese
Always seen eating all the vegan treats
Originally came here on the JET Programme,
Now my tribe is the health & wellbeing fam
I love to rhyme, frolic and gallivant
I make up words, just because I can
I flitter and flutter to like minded souls
These stars are the ones who make me feel whole
I document the world through a lens and a shutter

I’m constantly on the look out for peanut butter
I dance around in far away lands
I perpetually adventure with candy in hand
My world is a blur of ever changing phases
I’m floating in a whirlwind of confetti filled dazes

Here are my stories, ramblings and musings
Nonsensical and silly but I guess it’s still something?


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